Art for Medicine at the Neighborhood Involvement Program:  N.I.P., Community Clinic The facilities are at 2431 Hennepin Avenue So., Mpls., MN 55405

Ongoing April 20, 2007- May 1 2008  

I have Twenty Digital Photographs from my "Windom Park" series on display in the clinic.

Info on the Clinic

N.I.P.'s mission has always reflected a COMMUNITY philosophy; emphasizing collaboration INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the organization.

N.I.P. seeks to provide cost-effective, professional services. We help people reach their potential by working through problems that may hold them back. People facing such issues as limited resources, illiteracy, costly health care, emotional concerns, physical frailty and personal safety issues, come to us for UNDERSTANDING and PROFESSIONAL SERVICES they can afford.

Artist's should check the clinic out as well as Springboard for the arts.  Ther are health care options out there for you.

Artist Statement

Windom Park is located in Northeast Minneapolis.  Every morning I start the day with my dog in the park and walk throughout the surrounding neighborhood.  As I walk I take photographs of whatever interests me.  I have found the same street, the same tree, is never the same when I view it again.  The light, the time of day, my attitude are all different and therefore my experience of the scene or item is altered.  This photo series is about contemplation of the beauty found in nature.

DSC_0626, "Frosted Leaves" 8"x10", 2005-10-25 DSC_0755, "Up in the Branches" 8"x10", 2005-10-27
DSC_0780, "Vines at the Laundromat" 8"x10", 2005-10-27 DSC_0812, "Vivid Up Maple Tree" 8"x10", 2005-10-28
DSC_1133, "Infested Leaves" 8"x10", 2005-11-03 DSC_1220, "Hostas" 8"x10", 2005-11-04
DSC_5228, "Picnic Table" 8"x10", 2006-03-13 DSC_5443, "Snow on the Fence" 8"x10", 2006-03-14
DSC_6059, "Ice" 8"x10", 2006-03-20


DSC_6712, "Tree Base" 8"x10", 2006-03-27
DSC_7042, "Branches" 8"x10", 2006-04-06 DSC_7386, "New Lillies" 8"x10", 2006-04-12
DSC_7397, "Early Yellow" 8"x10", 2006-04-12 DSC_7578, "Last Years Berries" 8"x10", 2006-04-15
DSC_7924, "Train Bridge" 8"x10", 2006-04-18 DSC_8486, "Branch in Bloom" 8"x10", 2006-04-25
DSC_8311, "Flower" 10"x8, 2006-04-22 DSC_8450, "Tree Flower" 10"x8", 2006-04-25
PIC_8896, "Downtown Minneapolis" 8"x10", 2007-01-24 PIC_9076, "Night Stop Sign at Cleveland" 8"x10", 2007-01-28

All photos this series taken with a Nikon D200 or D70s with a Nikor 18-70 lens and modified in Photoshop


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