CONvergence 2008 July 3-6 Sheraton Bloominton Hotel 7800 Normandale BLVD Bloomington 651-647-3487


This is one of the bigger Science Fiction Conventions every year and they have physicists on the panel discussion.  It could be a test.

Physics Equations And Day of the Dead Prints

I will be showing several large framed photographs in the gallery this month.  Come down and take a look.  Other sizes are also available.

- John Terwilliger

"Escape Velocity", Oil on Canvas, 20"Tx30"W, 2006 John Terwilliger "Sum of the Forces Equals the Mass Times the Acceleration", Oil on Canvas, 20"Tx30"W, John Terwilliger "Radiation at a given Distance from the Sun", Oil on canvas, 20"T x 30"W, John Terwilliger "Acceleration Due to Gravity, Oil on canvas, 22"T x 28"W, John Terwilliger
  "Death mask", 10"Tx7"W, Wood Cut Print, Three Block 2007 Edition of 17 "Chance Meeting", 7"Tx10"W, Wood Cut Print, Five color 2007  Edition of 19  

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