CAPAX: Show Us Your Ordinary at Mercy Seat Luthern Curch of Northest Minneapolis

All Artwork is hung in the Sanctuary and surrounding rooms at the Church

Opening reception Friday April 13, 2007 7pm-9pm

Show Runs April 1-30 2007

724 Lowry Ave NE, Minneapolis MN 55418


Show Overview

Finiti capax infiniti? Or, can the finite bear the infinite?  We say yes.  The ordinary does bear the extraordinary.  Show us your ordinary.
Christians confess the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead; not a world-transcending spiritual being, bur rather a God incarnate who inhabits our flesh.  Tragically, the Christian tradition has often lost sight of this world-affirming ethos.  The best of the tradition understands that in this event of incarnation/resurrection, everything that is ordinary becomes extraordinary.
We think that the sacred resides in the most ordinary of events, that everything ordinary is suffused with the extra-ordinary.

I have Three Digital Photographs from my "Windom Park" series in this show.

Artist Statement


DSC_0840 “Vine Leaves”, Digital Photograph, 2005-10-28



PIC_6396 “Leaf”, Digital Photograph, 2006-11-19




PIC-9080 "Garfield and 22nd at night", Digital Photograph 2007-01-28




All photos this series taken with a Nikon D200 or D70s with a Nikor 18-70 lens and modified in Photoshop


Copyright 2007