Artist Bio - Or My Life story as I want to tell it!

Any story worth telling is worth embellishing.

I grew up on my uncle's dairy farm in rural southeast Minnesota.  Long live the Cows.

John Terwilliger Resume

     After high school I enrolled at the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology.  During the first year there I decided I didn't fit in and transferred to the Studio Arts Program where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting.  During college I spent several years pursuing the thought process behind cubism.  This made for interesting critiques in class as everyone else was studying figure drawing.  I showed in various galleries and group shows until 1996 when I stopped showing artwork except in my home to my friends. 

In 2005 a little dog named Neeko entered my household and I started walking him every morning, camera in hand shooting up the neighborhood. In late 2006 after a decade of no shows, I decided to start showing in galleries and public spaces again and have been a frequent exhibitor in group shows starting in 2007. 


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