Art Reincarnated at  altered|esthetics Art II

Opening reception Friday June 1st 2007 7pm-9pm

Show Runs May 31-June 28 2007

I have Large Canvas and several Photos

Artist Statement

You can bike on the streets, you can bike on paths, you can bike in Tours, but eventually you have to park your bike.

This link is to a bike tour flier I ride in every year.


"Riding for Yellow" Acrylic, cheese cloth on canvas,, 65"T x 48"W  2007  
DSC_7698 "Bike Rack with Shadow", Digital Photo, 8"Tx10"W 2006-04-17  
PIC_5211 "Bike Rack in Fall", Digital Photo, 8"Tx10"W 2006-10-13  
PIK_0374 "Bike Rack at Night", Digital Photo, 8"Tx10"W 2007-02-28  
PIK_0615 "Bike Rack in Snow", Digital Photo, 8"Tx10"W 2007-02-28  
PIK_1945 "Stark Bike Rack", Digital Photo, 8"Tx10"W 2007-04-04  







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