Dia De Los Muertos

Opening reception Friday March 2nd, 2007 7pm-9pm

Show Runs November 1-29 2007

Altered Esthetics Gallery Hours:
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 1p - 7p
Saturdays: 1p - 5p

I am showing several pieces in this show.  The two woodcut prints were made specifically for this show at Altered Esthetics.  All three prints will be available in framed or matted ready to frame format.

John Terwilliger, "Chance Encounter", 7"Tx10"W, Wood Cut Print, five color, 2007 edition of 19 A random encounter on the roadway between two skulls/skeletons. As in life meetings in death are unpredictable, so relish the moment.
John Terwilliger, "Death mask", 10"Tx7"W, Wood Cut Print, Three Block, 2007 edition of 17 A death mask was traditionally made before a deceased loved one was laid to rest and kept as a memento or used to create a sculpted bust.
John Terwilliger, "Sign post", 12Tx9"w, Linoleum Block Print, Single Block edition of 20 A skull marks the road to a building which could be a mausoleum.
John Terwilliger, "Grackle", Charcoal and Pastel on Plywood, 23"Tx13.5"W, 2007 This drawing on plywood is of a grackle which fell down my chimney into the ash pit below the fireplace and died. Its body has been moldering into dust in my studio for over two years.



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